Tues Jun 25th 2013

6.47 a.m.

Lovely morning! The curtains are only half open but I can see the sun coming through the window and it looks wonderful! I daren’t even think this, but could this be the beginning of summer? Maybe, just maybe? Just blinked, and my eyes are more in focus, somehow. Wonder how that works. I’ve always noticed, since being young, that sometimes I blink and my eyes are more focussed than usual. Probably a general symptom of having bad eyes – but I’ve never researched it and thus, it amazes me!

Woke up with “Tenth Avenue” in my head this morning – not even sure that’s the title of the song – which was interesting. Enjoyed Limitless yesterday. Can’t help it. I’ve seen it at least 3 times now (the first time was in New York) and I really think it’s a cracking movie. I’m not sure of how well considered it actually is, but I like it – perhaps because it explores the notion of tapping into the wells of the subconscious and using the brain to maximum effect. Or maybe it’s just because I find it fun to watch. Bradley Cooper is a wonderful actor – to go from frustrated, fearful & slobby to supremely confident & operating at a ridiculously sophisticated level and to be so utterly convincing as both states in the movie is impressive to me. Not as easy as he makes it look!

Planning and thinking about the film is great fun. I’m excited about it and really think we can come up with something good. At the moment, I’m concerned about the sound. The camera produces a good picture – the script is good, the acting will be good, and the location has excellent light – so the sound is currently the area that I’m not clear on. And lack of clarity breeds fear in me. Also, I’ve never dealt with sound before, but that said, one can learn anything. We’ll have a really good crew together so I’m excited!

Getting close to the crunch in terms of submitting this pilot – eeks! The key thing at this point is to get it down to a reasonable length – it’s currently very long and I need to make sure that I get all of the dialogue sharpened up and that every line has some relevance. I suspect that the big cuts will have to be in the dialogue scenes over the smoking breaks, but let’s see. Still lots to do, but three key things to focus on today:


Today is recovery workout day, so I’m tempted to do it later on this morning at, say, 11, but I know that the ultimate time to do it is really first thing as it feels so damn good to get it done. I’m just DEAD hungry! Ha. This morning, I’ll go for the light physical warm up, then breakfast approach, I think. It’s good to listen – yesterday, I struggled, and fought with myself because I knew that doing the early workout was the best thing. This morning, it doesn’t seem smart, because doing it later simply feels right. So, I’ll go with that, and when the urge hits me, BOOM, I’m in.

Don’t seem to remember any dreams from this morning. Probably just as well, after watching Metropolis, I imagine it’s all a bit intense and weird… I slept very well though – all the way through, which I’m actually really grateful for. No longer a bad sleeper. Yeah!



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