Thurs Jun 27th 2013

7.16 a.m.

Set the alarm stupidly early and ended up snoozing the alarm 10 times; so here I am with lots of dream fragments in my head. One, an office; I’m clearly working there and am well integrated, lots of friends. It seems that I’m quite popular. I look over and see the back of a familiar head; it’s Van, clearly some awkwardness for some reason that I can’t understand at this stage of the morning. In the dream, I seem to understand it though. At one point, me and a few people are having chair races at the office. I also have to go and get ask someone for something – or look for something in a drawer / cupboard that is close to where Van is sitting, in fact, I have to ask the girl sitting next to him if she wouldn’t mind moving for a moment while I look, as she is in the way of the drawer that I need to get to. I overhear Van talking about working for the president (!) – I say “oooh” which isn’t met with the best response from anyone around. At another point, I’m at a booth, paying for car parking or something, and Tom Cruise is the guy serving at the booth! We have a conversation; I have a half torn piece of paper in my pocket which apparently has five references on it – I believe that they are references about me. I read them and am shocked by what they say! They start by saying that it’s surprising that I’m quite normal. There is something about a dog in there, somewhere. Anyway, me and Tom Cruise got on well. Another section I remember was myself and Billy in a taxi which was driving us through London ridiculously fast; but the ride was really smooth. Unnaturally so, as though we were gliding. We rocked up at Billy’s best friends’ house – which didn’t look like his actual house. His wife’s sister (who I’ve never met, don’t even know if she has one) was also there. From what I remember, the interior of the house was really nice.

Then, another fragment involved a theatre. It was dark; and in the round. The production was definitely very avant – garde, but I don’t remember much else now.

Then, another section in an assembly / sports hall. Felt like it was at a school. We were taking some kind of fitness test – being assessed. I was the last person standing – I remember being insecure, because lots of people were watching me, including Billy, Van and Ernie.

Am waking up, slowly. Not too bad! Just felt a bit shitty last night, mainly because I didn’t get everything I wanted to get done, done, and it bothered me greatly. No reason for today to be the same, though. Am so close to having the pilot ready to send off. Finding it hard to let go of it, in a way; it’s been such a prominent part of my life over the last few months that it feels strange to have it done. That said, I now have loads of ideas for the series, so want to keep writing it. Next, I’ll get working on a script for the next round of submissions in Autumn, another opportunity to be read and critiqued, potentially. That feedback loop will be helpful.

Today. PT stuff is priority. Then, some time tweaking the pilot. Then, production learning. Workout. Acting exercises. Plenty to do. Time to get on with it.


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