Fri Jun 28th 2013

Vector Floral Ornaments (2)6.07 a.m.

Today is going to be a busy day; in a good way! Have an audition this afternoon for google maps, which should have a good casting director attached so it’ll be good to be in the room and be seen. Also have the admin associated with sending the pilot off to do, and a read – through of the short and some other simple duties like the session plan, a blog entry, some acting prep and my damn eyebrows need some major sorting out! Up nice and early to attend to workout duties too – so lots to get through, but I like it this way.

My stomach feels tight and tense this morning. Think it’s reacting to the change of dinner yesterday – I like bangers & mash, but haven’t had it for a very long time and I think my stomach is struggling to process it a bit. Never mind. As long as it’s sorted by the time I get into London, I can hack it. Just need to drink lots of water and have no doubt that doing a few acting exercises will be a huge help to relieve the tension.

Was I dreaming when I woke up? I don’t know, really. I woke up of my own accord, just before the alarm, so I wonder whether there would have been any in my head.

Looks like it’s been raining today. I hope this means the sun is going to make an appearance later on – love London in the sunshine! Keeping my fingers crossed on that one.

Really looking forward to a holiday! A week off with no dress will be great – so well timed too –my workout regime will be finished, I’ll spend the next week working intensely on PT stuff, the pilot will be submitted and I’ll have finished the acting job I got last week so there’ll be a nice sense of accomplishment to go into a break with. Also gives me time to mentally prepare for coming projects; the short film, the next workout plan (not sure what it’ll be, yet), the next phase of PT training… Will have to consider what exactly my focus is going to be for the second half of 2013 before the week off, so the subconscious can get preparing quietly while I take a bit of conscious down – time.

June 28th. Wow. Half a year goes by quickly! Still, I’m not feeling rushed at the moment. I’m locked on and moving forward!

Hmm, dreams aren’t coming back to me. Must have woken up at just the right time! I like being up at this time, it’s quiet, and doesn’t feel rushed at all. Really good feeling. Think we tend to waste mornings – if you can get yourself up a bit earlier and fit something in that isn’t entirely work related – something that will benefit you and enrich you – your day starts as you want it to go on. As a day that is about you, your progress, and you feeling good. Doing stuff that feels good. Stuff that’s healthy. Yeah!

Wow, I’m quite impressed with the clarity of my brain this morning! Stuff seems simple and very achievable today, probably because there is so much to fit in – looks like it’ll be a really fun, self – perpetuating day.

Right. Time to get on with it all. First, workout. Then, shower. Then, the best bit. Breakfast. Yeah!


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