Painfully Perfect

Tribal-Tattoos croppedSometimes need another’s dreams
Steal them as my own
To comfort, nurture the wounds
I hide inside alone

Sometimes believe I’m happy
Warmth alive inside
Nothing can defeat, hurt me
Freedom and I collide

Sometimes believe in it all
It’s the only truth
Everything as it should be
Dreams only substitute

The sweetness of a fantasy
The confusion of the truth
Never knowing or trusting
Perfection breaks hope in two

Sometimes I am lost
Sometimes I am found
Sometimes I fly high
Fall fast to the ground

It’s all perfect
Painfully perfect
Close to my grasp
Fear to forget

If I forget it all
Wipe it all clean
Break it into pieces
Find my own dreams

Sometimes could cease to be
Infinity could create itself
I could find peace
Forever could find me


I could be free.


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