Sat Jun 29th 2013

Vector Floral Ornaments (2)6.29 a.m.

Dreamt of a strange fantasy world complete with Olliphants, fiery chasms, and doom around every corner. Also horses. There were lots of humans being rallied up by this demon, who was armed with a big axe and was wearing loads of bad-ass armour and was MASSIVE and one woman ran away from a pit and broke away from the group with one other girl. They were spotted. The girl was killed. The woman made it out. A birds’ eye view showed an Olliphant attacking one of the demons who was guarding the chasm, eventually killing him. Paved a path for some of the humans under attack. There were lots of statues everywhere. A real sense of stuff being destroyed. Just as in a computer game, there were powerful fireballs being shot out in all directions from a huge monument in the centre of this battlefield. Lit only by flame. At another point, a group  of us were down at the pub, talking about it; the woman who escaped was there saying how she felt so guilty that the girl had died and she had escaped. Then, I realised that I’d forgotten my bag and had to go “back” (to where, I don’t know) and when I went back, ended up seeing someone (can’t remember who) who convinced me to stay for a cup of tea. We were sat, having a nice chat, when a group of his friends turned up, making lots of noise, and proceeded to discuss the events of the day; this insane battle that had taken place. One member of the group – a funny, rotund guy – got a pouch out of his pocket and it was a massive chunk of Marijuana. So big it was hilarious, and we ended up rolling around for ages in hysteria as a result. I took that as my cue to leave and get back to the pub, by which point, the others had come back and I was given lots of glares for not coming back sooner. I didn’t know how to explain – time seemed to have shifted – I felt guilty, was apologetic, but also didn’t understand how they were so upset. Mum was also in the dream. She was happy – with someone. I can’t remember if it was Dad, but I remember that they were fighting and then made up, laughing, and told each over that they loved one another. Quite sweet really. Quite a mad dream. The body of it, the big battle, flames everywhere, demons, death; quite scary – but we all seemed to get over it quite quickly in favour of sitting down with a tea and talking about it. Another little flash – Tony sent me some kind of message in the dream about feeling so guilty that he died.. Can’t remember anything else, so I can only assume that something happened involving him in the dream, but I can’t remember.

My stomach isn’t behaving itself at the moment. Bit annoying. Oh well. Very aware of the sugar intake at the moment – every Mini Roll counts! Hmm. Amazed by how much there is in fruit – but I refuse to begin to believe that fruit is bad for you. Absolutely refuse. I like it too much! And, I think, if you put all of the nutritional information available together and ticked off food that isn’t good for you from each respective theory, you’d basically end up living off pumpkin seeds, which isn’t so good either and doesn’t appeal in the slightest.

Just looked over at the stuff on the table and my entry form is on there, all filled out and ready to be scanned and sent off. Shit! It’s quite scary but also cool. There will be a big space when that pilot has gone off – it’s been a very in – depth project that has become part of my daily routine in a big way. I’ll actually miss it. The plan is to write the series as a long – term side project, as I believe there is juice in it and it can be a series that starts and concludes quite clearly. Lots of ideas for the characters now so I’m excited to write another journey for them all. Ooh, my brain is going into that now, but actually, I don’t want it to, as I’m learning that it’s important to – but, no – that defies the point of this whole exercise, doesn’t it? This exercise is all about letting yourself breathe, completely, for a short while, and letting all of the randomness flow. A bit concerned that I’m now too relaxed at auditions – yesterday, I was so relaxed it felt odd that I was in an audition situation at all! Still, I performed well, and am proud of myself. I have a few little technique pointers that I have to work on, but it went well, I think.

Turned out to be a rainy day yesterday. Keeping my fingers crossed that today is better. Over to Green Lane today, for breakfast and the Rugby. Then, read through of the script. Then, who knows? I have to do some admin for the submission of my script; write a bio, summary of the story, one final proofread / amendment, and it’s off! Done and dusted. Whoah. That’ll be a strange feeling.

Am up this early on Saturday to get the workout in, so best get on with it. Will also hopefully have time to create a workout session and do some acting warm – ups before heading over. Like having a busy day to fill up. Yeah!

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