Sun Jun 30th 2013

Vector Floral Ornaments (2)8.18 a.m.

Woke up and had a bout of hysterics this morning. The final dream I had seemed quite serious in nature – but the final image was of my stepdad, on his back in the front room, doing the Happy Baby Yoga move, completely oblivious to the drama that had taken place in the room next door. Woke up and I had the most hysterical fit of laughter going on – stream-of-tears-pouring-down-my-face type fare, and I couldn’t stop! The other bit of the dream was serious – someone that worked for the company had a boyfriend who kept harassing her and demanding money. A girl, a tech geek from drama school was also around; perhaps the girl was actually her. Not sure. The guy comes in and starts intimidating her, so I scream for Billy (for some reason I’m in the room while they have a fight). Amidst the madness, the covers of the bed are drawn back to reveal four, old, sleeping guys who no – one knows anything about! Presumably illegal immigrants – by this point, there are loads of people in the room. Everyone, in a state of shock, proceeds to the front room, and there is my step dad, doing the Happy Baby Yoga move in the front room. Hilarious!

I had other dreams. In one, I was in Mexico or somewhere similar, and Billy’s Mum had given me a list of stuff to get. En route, I was stopped by a man and given an envelope with my name on it. I took it, reluctantly, unsure of what to do. I then continued to walk and was then suddenly surrounded by police officers who searched me. The envelope fell out of my stuff and flew off in the wind. They chased it down. I was nervous, but they opened it, nodded, and handed it back, apologising for any inconvenience caused. I’m not sure of what was actually in the envelope. In another dream, actually, probably the same one, as it was in the same location, there was a lady who owned an ice cream parlour. It was small. You could see the doors leading to her apartment through the doors. Anyway, she was really friendly and insightful; I sat down for ice cream and she lamented her unfaithful husband and men in general. I listened, politely, and left, resolving never to go in there again because by the time I left I felt so drained, having absorbed so much negativity. At some point I was back there, though – there was an incident where one of the younger guys in the parlour came up and attempted to intimidate me. I did NOT let him get away with it. I shouted him down, handcuffing him in front of the crowd until he burst into tears and began to cry. I remember thinking that I wanted to be sympathetic and forgive him, but I was angry, and wasn’t going to let him get away with it. Another dream definitely involved Van in some form, but I can’t remember. Also, I had another dream in some kind of mad fantasy land, but I only have a glimmer of a memory.

Well. I sent off the pilot yesterday, so that’s 6 months of work, completed, and now off to fulfil it’s function as an amusing read for a bunch of judges who know what they’re talking about. I’ve never been so scared of gmail as I was yesterday. I was feeling freaked out yesterday and struggled to let it go, but today, I feel good about it. I did it. I wrote a TV pilot. I’m proud of it. Now, I’ve given myself a gold star – but need to keep on with this week. Have my break coming up from the 6th and I’ll bask in the glories of my achievements then. Hopefully I’ll get a couple more things ticked off by that point. Also getting footage for the film and editing it all together yesterday was an awesome process! Billy is really getting into it aswell, so he was working out how to use the software too. Exciting stuff. Going to be awesome!

Feels a bit like I’m coming down with a bug, dammit! Feels good to be making progress. Time to make more!


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