Mon Jul 1st 2013

Vector Floral Ornaments (2)7.46 a.m.

Really sleepy this morning! Also feeling very tired and not too well (damn hormones) but it looks like a lovely day outside – perhaps summer is finally here. Shouldn’t get my hopes up too quickly though; generally, any kind of warmth doesn’t last. Still, come on sunshine!

Had some weird dreams. In one section, we got a cub. As in, a wolf cub. As a pet. Already stupidly misinformed behaviour by my dream self. When we (by “we”, I don’t mean me and Billy, it was someone else in the family but can’t remember who) got the cub, it was very cute but also quite scary and I remember thinking that I’d make sure that I always slept above him. I also resolved to be quite cold and “alpha” so that there wouldn’t be any obedience issues once he became a tough, potentially (most likely) lethal adult wolf. At one point, the cub ran outside with alarming speed; there were terrifying thuds and screams, and when I asked what had happened, I was told that the cub had just killed a bird and eaten it. At another point, the cub had grown up, somewhat, and was trying to assert his dominance as a wolf, which was intimidating. I also recall being annoyed in the dream that such a laissez – faire attitude was being taken towards the raising of this rather dangerous animal. In the end, the wolf became a kind of “he” wolf; he took human form – a skinny, pale skinned, yellow eyed teenager who somehow had the spirit and physicality of a wolf. Interesting.

Another dream involved a huge house which had been converted into a hotel on one side of the building, and a bar / club on the other. In this dream, I was walking with my best friend, just generally chatting. Nothing out of the ordinary there. I had to stop at one point and change my boots; I wasn’t wearing socks and my feet were too big against the boot, causing pain on the backs of my heels. She offered to lend me a top to stuff into the boots; she actually referred to it by name so I can only assume that a name had been affectionately assigned and discussed previously in the dream. We got a taxi to the place eventually because of the problem with my feet. We got there, and it was this grotty pub type place. The carpet was dirty; chairs & tables were positioned in odd places. One table was positioned right at the top of a stairwell. I was surprised by this placement. My best friend left to go and find the “others”; she was gone a long time. Eventually I decided to go and have a look for her, walked through another bar, a kitchen, and door after door after door until I was completely lost. Some of the doors had nothing to separate them except walls. Dramatic music played as I came out of the final one, indicating to me in the dream that I should backtrack. Eventually I found my way out and saw that I was in the “Georgian” wing of the house – I looked out of the window and saw a shopping street that indicated to me that that I had walked to another town. I looked for directions back – there was a lobby that looked like the lobby of my primary school and I remembered, in the dream, that a film starring Dolph Lungdren had been set in this wing of the house. Bizarre! At another point, the wolf – boy, myself, my best friend and Billy were in the club place. I found Billy falling asleep in the corner by a bookshelf at one point; but the main impression I am left with is of us standing outside, hearing the music of the club, but not actually being inside. Hmm.

Who knows what all this means. Anyway, good recall this morning. Looking forward to knuckling down and learning more about video production and PT stuff today. Hopefully I’ll be able to work out – will see how I feel in a bit, but there’s no reason not to, ultimately.

Right, breakfast time. Yeah!


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