Inescapable Images

Tribal-Tattoos cropped

A familiar darkness
The reassurance of breath
This white noise just gets louder and louder
Darkness becomes the feared death

The songs of my heart circle in my head

There’s nothing I can do now
Is it time to learn the truth?
Should I just confess it all and repent
Embrace this all, die, consume

The freedom of the descent into the vastness

I feel your pain as my own
Disrupt this increasing grief
It hits me again like a sonic wave
Mourn the loss of true belief

I am doing this to myself

Keep moving your arms and legs
Wiggle your fingers and toes
It might be a lack of blood to the head
Know that you are in control

My brain feels like it might explode

Something deep must be shifting
All I want to do is sleep
Emptiness is threatening painful truth
Pain sings in its reverie

Time laughs at the insignificant eventuality

I pray for daylight to come
The darkness still scares me
All consuming loneliness wins this hand
Pathetically Unhappy

The Infinity of Space isn’t helping

Live this pandemonium
It’s part of who I am
Why judge the immensity of my Self
Why fear just because I can

The endless quest for some explanation

Inescapable Image
Truth still desperately feared
This could be The Fear of Madness itself
This could be Me, crystal clear

Present and alive in this natural chaos

Why am I afraid
Of myself
Of what I am or can be
Stale ideology melts

This is My Truest Self

Softness becomes me
Strength inside
This is all it needs to be
Consciousness rests, satisfied

Daylight is on its way

No longer afraid
No longer burdened by Fate
No longer lost to Something

I descend into a peaceful waking dream
Breathe life into my physical humanity

I drift to a place unknown to the living
I am just moments that keep moving and dying

End to begin creation of new beauty
Embrace the death of a life so momentary

You are the Creator of all you choose to be
Choose which of the True Truths you are willing to see

You Are Nothing and Everything infinitely

You Are Truth


The Wondrous Mystery.


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