Tues Jul 2nd 2013

Vector Floral Ornaments (2)8.12 a.m.

Had a terrible night’s sleep; probably could have slept for a couple of hours longer but want to get on with the day. Head feels quite blank this morning – just saw a casting call that I’d like to be put forward for, but need to check the spec first. Generally feeling good at the moment; perhaps it’s sinking in that I actually completed and submitted a pilot script which is no mean feat and now, learning about video production and editing is also really exciting. The one thing hanging over my head is that I need to knuckle down with the PT stuff; once I’ve done that I’ll be feeling quite smug about the year so far. Really feeling good getting stuff DONE. Also doing the weeding yesterday; I like spending time outdoors, so it was really nice to have that done and look at it through the window to see how much better it looks now that I’ve swept it up a bit. Next step, get rid of the big overgrown plants and decide on what we might actually want to grow. Tomatoes, Basil & Mint spring to mind. Not sure why we’d want Mint, actually, but there you go. Might do some research into how it all works; get some plant pots to get growing – can’t be that hard!

Hmm. My thoughts don’t seem formed this morning. Feel quite tight; don’t seem to linger around long enough to actually have them either. Strange. Ah, my eyes have just come into focus. I still find it weird how that happens sometimes – you blink, and your very fuzzy vision becomes kind of clear and this clarity, all of a sudden. It’s really cool. Just need to keep working my eye muscles and eventually those will become more and more frequent and I can affect some improvements to my eyesight without having to have major eye based surgery. Somehow it makes logical sense to me – your eye is a muscle – you work on it, it improves, and becomes stronger. You don’t work it – it gets lazier. Doing the small things, like not wearing glasses for reading, or writing stuff like this – really getting the eye to work – it’s like taking the first steps of a fitness routine – you start by doing a bit of extra walking, then light jogging, then build up to the other stuff like running etc. If you’re patient, you can do anything. If you’re not, and don’t accept the truth of your start point, you’re in trouble. And you’ve got some adjusting to do in your attitude.

Just remembered my dream. Some kind of cinema – hanging out with these random people. We were all sitting on this long sofa thing, in fact, it was as thought we were in some kind of lobby at a grandiose venue like the Royal Opera House. There was some kind of special showing on for the audience; we could hear it. Rich looking people kept going in. Something about a Tom Hanks night was mentioned. Then, bizarrely, someone put a sheet over my head, which signalled me to begin to dance in the lobby – initially I was nervous and feared falling over, but soon I was gliding effortlessly around the floor, pirouetting and jumping and feeling absolutely wonderful. Then, another portion of the dream – some strange kind of intrigue taking place about a home and a weird guy – some kind had been hired by this couple who, in the dream, were my parents (although not my actual parents) and I took this kid up to them as she had discerned something about this mystery they were trying to solve. In the dream I was really impressed by their bedroom – it was like two rooms, lots of space, a sofa, a huge bed and loads of light. I really liked it. The subject of a programme was raised, but I can’t actually remember what the programme was. In any case, strange. Also a portion of the dream involved a guy with a strong cockney accent being told that he could enunciate well, a teacup on the ground that I was trying to avoid, and people pursuing hedonistic agendas. Real mish – mash of images now that I think about it. Still, good to know my brain is creating such rich and bizarre scenarios; the imagination is working! Yeah!

Right. It’s time for breakfast, very exciting stuff. Then, on with the day. Lots to be and learn and do. I’m excited!

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