Thur Jul 4th 2013

Vector Floral Ornaments (2)7.40 a.m.

The flat is being inspected today and I don’t want to be here when they do it! The flat, in all fairness, is in good nick and I definitely don’t have any worries about the way we’ve looked after it, considering how badly it’s all been done up by the builders in the past. It’s always awkward having strangers over though, and I don’t fancy a difficult conversation about the rent..! Also it’s annoying, as I feel like certain things are off limits until they get here, like physical warm – ups because if they buzz the door and I’m halfway through something I’ll get annoyed that they’ve disturbed my flow. I should get used to that though, really. Pathetic, but there you go.. There you go.. Standing with a look of avarice… There’s a Van Morrison lyric for every occasion, thought & feeling.

Thinking thinking thinking. Looking around.

Today is grey, gloomy and muggy. Yesterday was so warm I didn’t even consider the notion of a hot water bottle – serious stuff. In the end, I was quite pleased with how yesterday went, because I went for coffee early on and didn’t use the morning as I usually would have done – felt bad for not getting all done but, in the end, I used the evening to max effect and worked through it all, so I felt good by the time I got to bed. I also did some random stuff that needed doing, like putting weed – killer down in the garden, and tidying up the wardrobe (which always ends up bothering me).

So, today. Plenty to do, as always. I’ve had a shower already as I want to set myself up with a clear plan in mind. Video production, blog, PT stuff. Working out and editing later, I think. Also need to go over my lines for tomorrow, and get a list together of what I want to pack. Looking forward to a week of solid chill out time. Yeah!

Raring to go today (or desperate for breakfast) – so time to get on!


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