Sun Jul 7th 2013

Vector Floral Ornaments (2)8 a.m.

So.. I’m writing from Nottingham today, which feels like a pleasant change to the usual morning landscape. Originally planned to sit outside and do this, but it would be anti – social to do so, so I’m in the dining room scribbling away my garbled thoughts for the morning. Really excited about the Wimbledon final. Trying to remember my dreams and struggling. Definitely involved a project of some kind – but the details completely escape me now.

Have a couple of friend based admin tasks I should get out of my hair but for some reason I’m procrastinating. I know the reason really; they’re all things I can’t do for them – don’t really like sending negative “sorry but I can’t really help” type messages. That said, having things lying around is a real bother, so I should just get it all done and out of the way.

Enjoying the break so far. I’m actually finding it quite easy at this early stage, to switch off. I’m thinking about to – do’s and stuff, and do want to stretch & play sport, but I’m not feeling wound up about a perceived lack of progress or activity, which I take as a good thing. I was concerned that I would simply sit around getting progressively more and more agitated because I felt like such a waste of space. Fortunately not the case.

The pace of life feels different here. My life seems a world away (rather than a mere 2 hours away on a train) which is what a holiday should feel like. It’s a good feeling.

I think this is going to be short today, as my quilt / bedding are in the front room and I don’t want them being cleared up for me – I’ll feel bad! Was woken up by the sound of hissing cats this morning – not a pleasant alarm – but also quite funny. I am told that they were probably just hungry. I hiss when I’m hungry too, so it makes sense.

Right, on with Earl Grey and some stretching and SUNSHINE!


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