The Journal of Silas

The pathos l feel as I behold it –
This art that speaks of a mother’s love
For her dying child.
Around it an ether, pregnant with the spirit of an artist
submerged in a divine lament.
I am overcome.

To have created that!
I thank the universe for it’s infinite creativity.

I feel a calling and an obligation having witnessed this.
To paint. For to paint is to create worlds and feelings.
To write. For to write is to conjure, inspire, manifest.

And to create is not for selling what has been created.
That is a cheapening of the art –
An artificial narrowing of infinite possibility for a shortsighted end.

The pure act of creation is an act of devotion.
It should be done without condition.

When done for the sake of creation itself
It is a sacrament to life.
A sacrament to living.

You are alive and

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