Fri Jul 12th 2013

Vector Floral Ornaments (2)8.27 a.m.

Tired! Had a lovely day yesterday in London – the weather was perfect for walking, and the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition was really cool. Lots of inspiring stuff indeed.

Had a dream where I was deciding whether or not I wanted to go to the gym. Bizarrely, in the dream, I was with one other person (not sure who) and we were friends with Andy Murray, talking about whether or not it was a training day – all very jovial until a woman came up, said something in his ear which clearly annoyed him. There was a big bowl of Quality Street around which we kept picking from too. Bizarre.

Really tempted to spend the whole day in bed today – watch Ally McBeal and maybe that programme that my best friend recommended while I have the time. Also got an email from my tutor, to say that I can start to do mock exams, which is cool. Perhaps I’ll be qualified sooner rather than later and can start getting some experience. Yeah!

Looked at an email that made me feel like I’m behind the curve today – never a clever move. Must continue to cancel negative patterns and not get so bothered about such superficiality. Doesn’t actually help anyone, or achieve anything. I’m supposed to be relaxing, dammit!

Ooof. So tired! All that walking around yesterday has really worn me out. Walking through London is tiring, however fit you think you are.

It’s been tough to find quiet time to do this over the last few days as it’s hard to find personal space when people are around, but today we’re back at home and although the TV is blaring in the other room damn, I’m distracted by that now. Was meant to be going into London to the Pompeii exhibition this morning, followed by Bowie this afternoon, but there aren’t any online tickets available for either and Billy is chancing it going in today. I don’t really think I can be bothered to take those measures just in case, and it’s expensive travelling into London. Would rather have a day in bed, I think.

Right. Time for a shower. And then, breakfast. Yeah! Bring on Lazydom!


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