Sun Jul 14th 2013

Vector Floral Ornaments (2)7 a.m.

So, today is rehearsal day! Yeah! Should be fun indeed, looking forward to it! I think Billy is a bit nervous, but he’ll get into it as the day goes on, I reckon. I’m excited about doing some acting, and it’ll be fun to film, be on location, and get some footage together to edit and to see how it all looks. Exciting!

Rest week has been interesting. Actually, I’m starting to feel like my body is going into a proper “resting” state now – previously I felt restless, but for the last couple of days, I’ve fallen into a restive space, which I hope I stay in for a few more days although part of me is raring to go in some respects. Want to work on episode two of the script, for one. I want to work on my film script, for another. And I want to get stuck in on the know – how of production for the film. Also, PT stuff, need to qualify for my L2, and then think about getting on and earning some money. Then, after a week of rest / light resistance work, it’s back to jump training. Also want to sort things out on the dietary front; I’d love to know how it feels when you’re absolutely eating the right things, all the time.

Dreamt of some kind of film plot. So, it starts, a couple at home, in their kitchen. The male lead, a big, scary, James Gandolfini type (in fact, in the dream,  it was him) is getting ready for work, and asks his wife whether a particular name means anything to her. She laughs it off, tells him he needs to stop being such a conspiracy theorist, and sends him off to work. We see that he’s disappointed with her response, that he knows that she knows something, but pretends to accept it and goes to work. Once he’s left, she takes a deep breath and frantically begins to search for something. Unsuccessful. Frustrated, she gives up and leaves the house.

He has been hiding, watching the house the whole time. When he sees that she’s left, he goes back in, punches the wall in anger, and calls his best friend over. He reveals that he knows that the name was that of her grandmother, who had left her a million dollars and had hidden it in a secret compartment under the hob of the gas cooker (interesting idea, ha). They spend hours trying to find a way in until, eventually, they decide to slip a knife into the gap between the work surface and the hob, and find that there is a huge latch that they can press with the blade of the knife which makes the hob tilt like magic. Inside, they find the pile of notes.

He begins to talk to himself about how pissed he is – how he’s going to kill her – as he is talking, she walks in and observes. We see her panic, and leave the house unnoticed. We then focus on the guys  putting the money into their bags as the police enter, catch them with the money, and they both end up in jail.

In jail, they encounter interesting characters. One is teaching them how to play a game, involving two types of walk, the straight legged awake walk, and the crawling sleepy walk. The straight walk involved keeping the legs straight at all times and walking on the heels, while the sleepy walk was an animalistic prowl.

Then, I remember Sly Stallone (!) shouting at his kids because he couldn’t believe that they want to eat such rubbish when their mother cooks such good food. He issues a warning; that in the game, you think that you know what you’re doing, but there’s always someone smarter than you. Then a scene where a guy runs over to me and says they had to lie and say that I’d been killed – it was the only way they could escape and not be killed themselves. Then, someone comes and says something I can’t hear to them, and shoots them. I’m panicked, but not hysterical. They fall to the floor, and the shooter turns to me and says that the biggest mistake is to lie. It’s not the way to play the game. I nod and head home, where there is a programme on TV about dominating mothers. Billy is watching it. We decide to see if there’s anything else on – there isn’t, and we keep watching.

Interesting. I wonder if I could expand that. For today though, rehearsal is the main focus. Be a free actor, put lots into the performance, be a kind of leader for the other actors. Shame Kenny is being a pain and probably won’t show up, but it’s no great shakes.

Right. On with the day! Woop!


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