Mon Jul 15th 2013

Vector Floral Ornaments (2)7.44 a.m.

Boy, it’s hot today! Absolutely boiling and it’s not even 8am! Intense.

Had some sad dreams last night – one was about a lack of attention, feeling as though I was being treated differently to other people, as though being actively dismissed. Culminated in me leaving, walking halfway up a grassy hill singing See No Evil by Television to myself before realising that I was completely lost and needed to go back, retrace my steps and find the right way to wherever it was I was going. In another dream, I was in Marks and Spencer and someone was going to meet me; they rang, I asked them which branch they were in, and they said a different one to where I was. Strange. I suppose these are the kinds of dreams you can expect to have on a hot summers’ night when your brain has turned to complete mush.

Yesterday’s rehearsal went well. I enjoyed it! Lots to think about and do on the film, but I’m excited by that process. I was getting quite frustrated at points, but there’s nothing constructive to be done about that at this stage. I’ll let things run their course and look at it as an educational process in character and dedication from those involved other than myself. I predict at least 2 cancellations on the day of the shoot; and won’t be even slightly surprised if that happens.

Wow, it really is hot. It’s completely dominating my thoughts! I love this weather; makes me feel like I’m on holiday, although it’s not necessarily great for productivity levels. Can I justify another week off, I wonder? Probably. Perhaps I’ll just refrain from putting myself under too much pressure this week, and let the feeling of rest ride itself out. I feel tired, so I’ll take the view that if I’m getting grumpy, or feeling overwhelmed, I’ll get the stuff that’s causing anxiety done and not force anything else. That way, I’m doing stuff, but the pressure’s off.

What a profoundly boring set of thoughts for the beginning of  a new day.

It is hot, though.



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