Sun July 21st 2013

Vector Floral Ornaments (2)6.56 a.m.

Feeling good this morning! Really slept well. Remember a couple of fragments of dreams. Interesting. Was meeting a friend who I used to work with at the office where I used to work; arrived early, wasn’t sure of what to do with myself, walked for a bit and ended up on this long road, right opposite a pedestrianized crossing, under a bridge. I decided to lie down there and felt the sun shining down on me. It was loud – cars were going by on the road – but I was digging it. Barack Obama was walking, with his briefcase – he crossed the road, almost getting run over by 2 separate vehicles in sequence because he simply didn’t know which way he was meant to look for traffic. He jumped, and it was one of those comical jumps, but he then crossed the road with dignity and acknowledged everyone who recognised him as he walked. Then, he was talking about the fact that he didn’t seem able to cross a road because he felt that he was terrible at understanding the road system in other countries. He stated that he knew that he had lots of to learn, and that he was a bit sad, really, because he didn’t have the time to just “talk” to anyone, anymore.

Then, my friend called me; somehow, I was at a tube station already, and she was in, well, not a desperate hurry, but she had this “system” of going through the tube system that required fast movement. Firstly, she had left work early, and asked someone to get me a ticket quickly, even though I already had one. Then, somehow, as I swiped my card, my debit card went flying out onto the floor. After a minute, she picked it up as I was still struggling to get through the barrier, for some reason. Then, we went around the barriers, queues, and on the way we passed a group of travellers who were singing Lay, Lady Lay at the top of their voices as they waited. I joined them for a brief moment before my friend came and dragged me away. She told me how much she loved the song too, but we simply had to get moving. We ended up in this newsagents’ stand in the station – she picked up a pack of Murray Mints – I asked her whether there was some kind of store near her flat – she said yes. Then we headed for the stairs – I remember thinking that I hoped that I had enough money to be able to buy a bottle of wine as I’d said I would. Then, I woke up. Interesting.

In another dream, the key players were some characters from the office sitcom thing I was filming recently. The director was talking, about how she’d been in a room for 9 years which, in the dream, seemed rather impressive. Don’t really know why, it’s a bit odd in the light of day. I remember bumping into one of the guys on the train platform, then the director and one other person was there too – not sure why – and they insisted on taking a load of photos of us and putting them on Facebook. I also recall a coach journey, or waiting to get on a coach in a waiting room. The coach was going to Essex; I don’t really remember the details, but there was definitely something about sleeping arrangement and everyone in the waiting room was kind of overweight. They announced the coach, but I didn’t get up immediately. I watched what everyone else did, and followed, like a sheep.

It another dream, or perhaps this is the same one, I was in acting class. We were doing an improvisation exercise. The class was with my former teacher; my partner was one of the people in my showreel. We improvised this scene; my teacher commented on how he thought that I was an excellent actor and that I should just keep doing what I’m doing. Interestingly, there were characters in the dream who I know who aren’t actors; and in the dream, it did seem a touch out of the ordinary for them to be there. I was curious to know what they would come up with in an improvisation setting, but they disappeared before it was their turn, which disappointed me a bit. I think this was part of the same dream with the cast and crew of the sitcom thing, because I now remember that they were in this class too. Lots of train stations in this dream – a sign that I’m going somewhere, I hope, whether literally or figuratively! Anyway, fascinating bunch of dreams, and glad that I can remember them this morning.

Yesterday was a fantastically productive day. I did a module of PT, wrote a blog, did costume designs for the film and did a bit of editing. I was glad that I gave myself a physical break, bas I was feeling quite physically worn out and have woken up today with renewed energy! Always good to let yourself rest when you feel like it, I think. Also had a couple of good ideas for short stories / screenplays, so good times. Today should be good too, going to go for a run this morning, then get on with the stuff I need to be getting on with! Definitely working on the edit of the film and going to work through some of those tasks on Asana. Going to work on some language stuff. And acting exercises. And relaxation. All good!

I hope my message was taken in the spirit it was intended. This is the good thing about having more confidence in yourself; life becomes more about hoping that what you do comes across in the right way, but not needing the affirmation of someone else to tell you that what you’ve done is right because you believe more in your own truth. I don’t think anything I do is silly, these days; well, I do, but I like myself for doing what I do and being an honest human being. Sometimes it’s good to do something that is genuinely warm and expresses how you feel, without agenda. It’s just cool to be able to be yourself, share it, and move on. It’s good living like this; why is it so hard to maintain this state of mind when it’s so good to feel this?! We are strange creatures.

Today. My favourite day. Yeah!


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