Mon Jul 22nd 2013

Vector Floral Ornaments (2)7.19 a.m.

Dreamt of a stage production of something; I think it was The Wizard of Oz. Was on a city break with my best friend in the dream, but I saw the production with Billy and travelled back with her on a mode of transport similar to the DLR. Joseph was in the production – which was strange. A woman was sat a few rows behind us and she suddenly yelped in pain at one point, which was a bit unsettling. Billy was bored by the production; at points, it looked like Jesus Christ Superstar. Billy kept making predictions about what mad stuff might happen next. Les Miserables had something to do with this dream too, I think. I remember looking at a map with my best friend afterwards, that showed that we were in a place called Kingshill, and there were 8 potential stops that we could get back to our hotel from. We got onto the train thing, and as we discussed what we would do once we got back (I confessed that I hadn’t seen The Wizard of Oz before). As we talked, the carriage seemed to fly off the tracks – she barely responded. I asked her why; she stated that she was far too tired to care. On the way back, a couple asked me for something which seemed to be exclusively in this compartment of the vehicle. I walked along the carriage, said that they were welcome to it, but that I would have to deconstruct the vehicle to extract it. I did this, but couldn’t put it back together; but the guy managed to and it was loads better than it was in the first place and transformed into a really cool spaceship thing. Then, bizarrely, I remember something about having to put a soaking wet dress in my bag – and desperately trying to wring it out because I didn’t want all of the other stuff in my bag to get soaked as a result of this random dress I had to carry around. Not sure how I ended up with this soaked dress in the first place, though. Interesting. There’s another portion of the dream, I’m positive, but I can’t remember it enough to form a picture that can be translated into the written word. Possibly at my Dad’s house; the décor was as it was years ago, but I can’t remember anything beyond that.

So sleepy this morning! It’s a good feeling; like it was a well-earned rest, although now that I’m starting to wake up I’m starting to stress about having loads that needs to be done! Still, I recognise how pointless that is, and how little it is likely to help in any way, shape or form, so I’m going to actively cancel that negative process in the bud.

It’s cool waking up in the morning and feeling like you got lots done the day before. Initially, Sunday was going to be a lazy day, but it ended up being an active day with a nice rest between in between 3 and 6pm. Makes sense really. I find it hard to stay awake at that time of day.

Today, I need to do PT, stuff for the film, acting exercises, Yoga, and a meal plan for the week. I’ll also look at language stuff. Plenty to do.

Now, time for porridge and Nutella. Yeah!


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