Fri Jul 26th 2013

Vector Floral Ornaments (2)7.45 a.m.

Amazed at how much walking around museums takes it out of you! My legs are absolutely knackered this morning, odd! Anyhow, decided it was best to get up as I have things to do and should attempt to get myself into a healthy state of readiness with a view to actually getting those things done. My eyes have that horrible stuck together feeling. I’m really annoyed with Art for being so flaky, not because I was expecting him to be reliable, but because it’s so utterly typical. More than anything, I want to be proven wrong for thinking ill of someone, or for expecting the worst, and it hurts my sense of idealism that people will come through when they prove me right for being so horribly cynical. I just don’t get the point of going through the motions of organising something if you know that you aren’t going to follow through on it. There’s definitely some kind of issue going on there though, and I should be more sympathetic and understanding; we all behave oddly sometimes, and don’t realise the impact it might have on another person because we are mired in whatever that issue is and blinded to its effects. I’m sure I do this kind of thing too, so now that I’ve had this rant to myself, I don’t feel annoyed anymore.

Had a very fun day yesterday – the V&A is incredible and full of wonderment! I found myself standing around in a generally stunned state for the majority of the time I was there – every period of history showing the awesome ability and interest of the human spirit, and the incredible stuff we can do with our two hands. We take so much for granted and need to be reminded of how lucky we are, sometimes. One particular image that stuck with me is the intricate carvings of a tobacco box from the Japanese Edo period; don’t know why, it’s an image that’s imprinted itself on my mind rather profoundly. What goes on.. In your mind.. I feel that I am falling down… Ha, one of the six songs on rotation.

Have a funny taste in my mouth this morning; really odd. Feeling quite rushed doing these pages as I know that breakfast is on the go – woke up a bit later than usual today as we got back from London at about 11.30, and slept at 12.30. World War Z was really good; pretty basic in some ways, but I really thought it was well realised. Impressed with Brad Pitt’s performances these days – he’s really developed as an actor, I think. I haven’t seen enough of his early stuff to make a concrete judgement, I suppose, but between his performances in Moneyball (loved that movie!), World War Z, Killing Them Softly and Burn After Reading, I’m impressed.

Not feeling pressured today. Feel good for going to the V&A yesterday and letting myself enjoy it; it felt good to mill around with my own thoughts, just being myself without worrying about anyone else. Really looking forward to taking myself to see Annie Hall and Manhattan tomorrow; seeing Manhattan on the big screen will be such a treat! All of those beautiful shots of New York. Gershwin. It’ll be good.

Still have “What Goes On” playing in my head. I think Am enjoyed himself yesterday which I’m pleased about; the food was quite nice, although I’m not keen on Chinese food as it comes in Chinatown (at least at the cheap places where I can afford to eat!) because it tastes so salty & deep fried. I have such simple tastes when it comes to food. Anything too overwhelming seems entirely unenjoyable to me. I appreciate subtlety, I think.

Man, I’m sleepy this morning. Brain is in bits, things are fragmented. Don’t remember my dreams particularly, except there was a baby involved.

Okay Brain, time for some fuel. Then, wakey wakey. I don’t want to, but I have to… D’oh!


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