A Second Lifetime

Tribal-Tattoos cropped

A painful discovery
Fears of a perfect world ending
A vast drop with no rope to hold
Crippling finite resolve now bending

Devastating loneliness
The Crossroads of Insomnia
A mind that won’t let itself rest
Indecision spawning mania

Moment by moment
One step at a time
Stay here with what’s real
Don’t judge the climb

Precious days spent awaiting
The certain fated fatal fall
Absolutes now fantastical
Existence now here perfectly flawed

Lost in a mask of stale hopes
Faith is all confusion can feel
A Second becomes a lifetime
Nothing besides this moment is real

Unshackle your frail true self
Relinquish that control so strong
Crippled by these worn blinded eyes
The lie of precious belief so wrong

The All is an illusion
You exist now and nowhere else
Howl in pain as you fight this truth
Howl as your Consciousness kills itself


Let yourself go
You’ll find your way
Everything is wonderful
Let it be so

Open your eyes
Love is true
Different to what you believed yesterday
But it remains
Untarnished and new

It lives everywhere
In everything

Love is always

It will live

In this moment

It lives

It lives

In you.


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