IMG_6580What did you Die for? 

What did you Live for?

Something inexplicable, she says
A feeling lost in this Age

Words that dance in Futility
A beat, a heart, but cannot now exist

Movement pulses day on day, lost

All is a Dream, filled with its scattered infancy

The Creature lurks in the shadows, chants,
The Time is Never Now, you cannot yet be Dead

Tiny lights flash create incomplete Dark
The question asked of your Being, the whole or a part

Letters from Old Friends of the heart rain down hard
As hailstones, piercing a long suffering Armour

In a sliding hole the Dawn sleeps and is lost in its Dreams

A Mirage of glorious Brightness lingers, floating in its wake

Nothing is offended by their ignorant cries, too little too late
Chaos work spreads as destructive wings fly

He can tell you what this is all meant to be
Desire, Ecstasy, Blind Hope to shatter anything True or Lie

Fool yourself if you truly wish, live Here if you will,
In wastes so filled with heaviness, the Deepest lingering Doubt

Die in an eternal Hell of your own making
As your blind-made choice remains such wilful sinning

The words of an ignorant scholar stay slaying all progress
Empty understanding dominates, the Infinity of All ever fading

What did you live for?
What have you died for?

Soul unravelled like a cheap thread
Removed with surgical forgiveness imprecision

Slivery scream of invocation

No longer Real in the realm of your perception

Leaves with the Emptiness Within
The true freedom, discovery of your Divinity

You lived for Nothing, he laughs
Will Die for Nothing, she screams

Inside, realisation strikes.

He is Free.


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