Friday March 31st, 2017 (Week 9, Day 1)


B is 9 weeks old today. Wow. She’ll be 3 months before I know it, officially no longer a newborn. How crazy. She’ll be the walking definition of an infant. Insane!

It’s 11.56am & she’s resting in her crib. She isn’t exactly still, but it’s a new thing for her sleeping during the day on her own, with her new awareness of the world. She could sleep ANYWHERE as a sleepy new human being, but as she becomes more and more aware of her surroundings and the reality that she is alive, it becomes different.

Anyway, I’m in hiding. There’s a scary buzzy insect in the living room – a huge wasp, or hornet thing which is bad enough when it’s just me because I have a massively irrational fear of them (honestly, what’s the worst that could happen?!), but with a newborn… It’s less about me, or even her getting stung, and more about not exposing her to the awful, irrational response that I have to something that I would prefer she didn’t inherit unconsciously from her mad mother.

She’s stirring in her crib. Argh! She does need to get comfortable with sitting in there during the day – I’ll give her a few moments to settle and attend if she doesn’t seem to be making progress on her own. It would be good to know that she is able to survive solo, Jungle Stylee.

It’s distracting having your 9 week old apparently close to fully waking up right next to you. Secretly, I want her to be awake, but she does need to get her sleep. I think she has suffered for not getting as much sleep over the last few days, so hopefully she’ll settle and be able to relax. Poor Baby.

Just went to say hi – she seems fine! She’s practicing her babbling and staring at the ceiling. I guess it’s really important for her to have plenty of down time to cement all of her amazing skills in development.

I have a fragment of contact lens stuck in my eye; absolutely the most irritating thing on the planet. I have an almost constant headache too – is that the result of having one eye in a state of constant blurriness where the lens is interfering with –

Ah. She’s no longer okay. Time to attend!



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