A Pregnancy Diary

They say that nothing changes your life like discovering that you’re pregnant.

I never really understood what that meant; I always assumed that you just wander around for a few months, getting bigger, and at the end of the 8 or 9 months that you’re “just getting a bit bigger”, a baby arrives, and that’s that. I never quite processed the magnitude of what it actually means to be in the position of being on the countdown to such a life changing event in your life, for you and for those around you. I didn’t process how many consequences pregnancy could have for your personal relationships, for better or for worse. To be truthful, I just didn’t process it at all.

Now I find myself in the rather bizarre (in the best possible way, but it does feel weird!) position of being on the countdown to that life changing event, and I can’t believe how much it is affecting me already, physically, emotionally, and psychologically. It’s making me question so many things about my life, my character, my psyche (even more than usual, oh dear!), while changing my body in ways that I can’t control or predict. It’s absolutely crazy, and I’m only in Week 5! I can’t imagine how it’s all going to play out; whether this one will make it through the first trimester, how big I’ll get, how those in my life will be affected by it all.. It’s all a bit much for me to process inside my own head, so in true Ordinary Idealist style, I’m going to throw all of the craziness out onto the page, and share it. I’m a bit scared about just how weird a truly honest, daily journal of this particular Pregnant Person will be, but that’s the point. To share the craziness, in spite of the fear.

So, here it is. Warts and all. My Pregnancy Diary. Welcome to the craziness!