Ramblings of A Confused Parent

So pregnancy was crazy.. But being a parent is a whole new level of craziness!

You are warned before becoming a parent that you will not have time to eat, sleep, or think about anything other than the baby that you have suddenly become completely responsible for. I didn’t quite believe it; I thought it would be pretty time consuming, and that it would be difficult managing on disturbed sleep, but ultimately, it would be manageable and I would still have time to maintain all of my other interests if I planned efficiently enough….

How wrong I was.

Time is always short these days, so this is going to be short too, but welcome to the Ramblings Of A Confused Parent, where I hope to save and share just some of the unfiltered thoughts of a rather ignorant human being going through the major evolution that is becoming a parent.

Welcome to a whole new level of chaotic rambling!